4 best ways to know you’re taking responsibility

What does taking responsibility mean?

We all like to believe that we’re taking responsibility in our lives, but what does that really mean?

It is as simple as admitting when you’ve made a mistake, or does it go deeper? How much responsibility do you really take for how you interpret the world, how you perceive others and how you experience life?

In this blog post, I’m going to highlight 4 best ways to know if you’re really taking responsibility.

taking responsibility

Words and actions

The other night when my little boy Oliver was in my arms, his belly full from just being fed, he started nodding off to sleep. My wife, Ang, went out to get some dinner. When she returned and saw little Oliver sleeping she said, “oh no, don’t let him sleep! He still needs his bath and we’re never going to get him back to sleep after that now!”

He looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to wake him. But routine is routine, so I gently roused him. His grumpy cry filled the room.

We are never going to get him to go back to sleep. He’s never going to go back to sleep. He won’t go back to sleep.

Ang kept repeating the words, and, sure enough that’s exactly what happened.

Words are the conduit from the metaphysical to the physical. The Universe always listens to what we say and what we project into the world, and gives us an experience to match it. 

TIP 1: Choose your words carefully. Take a conscious look at your life. Notice if life keeps offering you experiences that support and confirm what you say, what you believe, and what you do.

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Ah money. You’d be mad not to love it. It has the power to give you more freedom, choice and opportunity. With money you can travel anywhere, any time. You can take that expensive art class you’ve been dreaming about. You can quit your job and put all your efforts into your passion project. With money you can help more people and make a bigger difference in the world.

But right now your bank balance will only get you half way to Mexico, with a hungry belly and a case full of empty pipe dreams.

Taking full responsibility with money means getting real with yourself. It means taking a good, hard look at how you use it. Self worth and net worth are intricately linked.

TIP 2: To understand and change your current financial situation you have to understand and be accountable for the relationship you have with it.

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We all want a partner who really sees us and accepts us for who we are. Someone who’s supportive and empathetic. Who’ll love us unconditionally, even when we’re not being the best version of ourselves. We want someone who listens and admits their mistakes.

If you’ve got a mental list a mile long for all the ways your partner falls short, could you say without question that you give your partner all the things you want for yourself?

Taking responsibility in love means knowing what you bring, and don’t bring, to the table. 

TIP 3: Your partner is a mirror reflecting parts of your that you love, and parts of you you’re still learning to love. If there are aspects to your partner you don’t like, take an honest look within to see if those same aspects are also in you. Be kind to yourself.

taking responsibility


We’ve all experienced a time when we’ve been emotionally triggered.

You know, like when someone says something that might not be a big deal to anyone else listening, but it hits you like a brick and destabilises you for the rest of the day?

Your mind darts here and there for hours trying to comprehend how this person could say such a thing. You turn to your bestie for support. You tell her what happened and how it made you feel in great detail. Your friend listens, understands and becomes outraged by the whole thing, too. 

When someone emotionally triggers us, we make it mean something that may not necessarily be true. 

Taking responsibility for your emotions means seeing them for what they are. Yours.

TIP 4: If you find yourself in a situation that emotionally triggers you, try to observe your thoughts. Consciously assess if what you’re thinking is based on the truth of the moment or from an old story you believe about yourself. 

Treat yourself with love and compassion.

Mitch Behan

Final thoughts

Taking full responsibility for how your life is, is the first empowering step to manifesting the life you want.

It takes practice and awareness. It can be hard work and confronting, but if you go gently, with self-love and compassion, your life transformation will be your ultimate reward!

Live your life inspired!

And remember, love is the only way.

Mich Behan

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