Your systematic tools to bridge the gap to live life inspired

As the sister seminar of Relationships and You, Letting It Go is the next step on your journey to live life inspired. Over 3 days you’ll discover the science behind the process which shifts everything from the inside out, as this seminar puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. But that’s not all: here we teach you the tools and strategies to steer life in whatever direction you choose, establishing a clear plan – a Divine Mission Statement – for building your best future.

Through utilising a depth of knowledge anchored in science, you’ll be bridging the gap between who you are now and the person you know you have the potential to be. You’ll identify your pattern and your purpose, so you have all the education you need to create the life you truly want.

So… are you ready to become a master creator?


Through understanding the Science of equilibration, we access the Education of the Process behind Bridging the Gap between our present and our potential.

Here you have the opportunity to dive into the very structure of the Equilibration Process and journey to discover your Divine Mission, accessing the complete toolkit to shifting your perceptions and potential, no longer swayed by the belief of needing to “fix” anything but instead driven by the desire to learn.


We dive into the science and background of the process, shining a light on how to create your best life.


Through experience based education, you’ll be equipped with the master knowledge to achieve true balance.


By teaching you all the nuts and bolts of the process, you’ll train to unlock understanding in all life experiences.


We guide you along the steps to inner growth, bridging the gap between your present reality and your true potential.


Alumni Tribe

Having attended R&Y, you’ll already know what kind of awesome peeps will be joining you on this journey. But here we step it up a notch, and together you’ll really discover a solid support network and evolve those friendships – perhaps even seeing some familiar faces from the past seminars!

Like always, we love to take a tribe selfie (just like this) before wrapping the seminar up. But we still see this as the beginning of something BIG, something that will endure beyond what goes on inside that room. ‘Cause the MJB tribe is for life.

Hands-on lessons and labs

In this seminar, we once again dive into some intensive learning and interactive activities. We’ll be opening your mind up to the myriad possibilities surrounding you, not only through learning the nuts and bolts of the Equilibration Process, but also unpacking how you too are a master creator and can build your life however you want it, whilst also constructing your Mission Statement: getting clear with what you want to achieve in life.

Plus, over the course of the seminar, you’ll have your Letting It Go workbook to hand, so you can scribble down each and every insight that lights up your inspiration. And we’ll also have activities to suit everyone’s learning style: we have stories, independent exercises, writing tasks, and a space for any personal Q&As that pop up along the way.

Mentorship by default

Ask any of our Letting It Go graduates, and they’ll tell you that one of the best things about this seminar is how laid back and collaborative it is. So you’ll have plenty of time to get to know your pals that bit better. And as you’ll already know, you’ll be invited into an exclusively super secret private FB group, so you can connect with the MJB community – sharing experiences and lessons and knowledge – way after this seminar ends.

So… are you ready to become a
master creator?



As a graduate of Relationships and You, we see a natural pattern of those guys wanting to dive deeper into their experience. They’re compelled from within to take the next steps and deliberately act on choice – rather than reacting to circumstance. A shift has occurred and they no longer live a life riddled with OPD (other people’s drama), and the resistance that goes with it. Finally, and often for the first time, they’re genuinely inspired about life’s possibilities.


These grads are taking their experience at Relationships and You and pouring fuel on it. They’re inspired by the method and want to discover how they can apply it at a deeper level to all areas of life. They’re transitioning from viewing the method as an obligation to seeing it as an absolute necessity, and are leveraging their newfound awareness of personal values to become an authority of their own life.   


These students are committed wholeheartedly to the MJB journey, and are going all the way. They’re pumped to throw themselves into this education, adding to their practical expertise whilst getting to know themselves on a whole new level. They’re crystal clear with what ultimately drives them, and are striding towards achieving their top aims and aspirations.   




This seminar is the perfect opportunity to get our brain groove on. So let’s knuckle down, peeps.


Now this is where it gets seriously interesting. I’m thrilled to dive into the science behind the process with you. I am a teacher, after all.


Insight into the science behind inner transformation

Learn each step involved in the process of inner transformation, so you can access this shift whenever and wherever you want.

How do we do this? By taking you through the core education and looking at the nuts and bolts of the science behind the Equilibration Process, we’ll teach you the quantum physics that makes this process possible, in addition to how perturbation allows us to reach that moment of awakening, and how the ego personality and polarised illusions all contribute to our unbalanced perception of the world.

Understand your direction and drives

Identify your true mission and calling in life, and what you can create to make your dreams a reality.

How do we do this? Through self-driven exercises you’ll reflect on what means most to you in life, clarifying and distilling your highest values and incorporating them into a single Divine Mission Statement. You’ll also have an opportunity to discover how you truly want to be remembered and what legacy you want to leave, to impact the world. Plus we also help you to create an individually tailored plan of action, which include the steps you’re going to take to make those ideal aspirations actually happen. (We’re not doing anything by halves!)

An awareness of who’s influenced you most in life

Explore what relationships are most significant to you, which people have helped you become the person you are today, whilst understanding what you received from them and how it benefited you.

How do we do this? Through self-reflective exercises, you’ll unpack the moments which meant the most, where you grew and evolved as a person, identifying what experiences gave you insights that have set you up for life.

A long term vision for your next actions

Nail down what actions you can take and choices you can make, which will enable you to progress more effectively towards achieving your ultimate goals and aspirations.

How do we do this? By taking you through a number of processes and teaching you even more tools, you’ll establish a balanced perspective, so your vision to achieving your Divine Mission remains clear and unclouded every step of the way. And we also take you through an exercise where you’ll identify your highest priority and lowest priority action steps, so you can see in black and white what it’ll take to overcome any unexpected hurdles. You’ll be able to access this toolkit of knowledge anytime, anyplace, even within the comfort of your own home; this means you’ll be able to achieve true balance and relive the moment of equilibration as frequently as you desire!

An awareness and gratitude for the people and events in your life

Access a deeper level of understanding and comprehension for all that’s occurred in your life, finding love and thankfulness in places you never expected.

How do we do this? By giving you the opportunity to take the time for self-reflection and self-study, we take you through letter writing exercises where you’ll talk directly to the people who impacted you most, connecting with those individuals - no matter where they are in time and space - on a much more profound level. And most importantly, having learnt in Relationships and You that there’s nothing to “fix” in life, that everything you’ve ever experienced has order and meaning, you’ll instead be working to educate yourself at an expert level, adding essential layers to your knowledge of this process and yourself, so you have the complete toolkit to create your best life - unhindered by lopsided perceptions.



Choose The Letting It Go Plan That Works Best For You

Perth 2024

Start time: 8.30am sharp

Date: 15th – 17th of April 2024

MJB Seminars Head Office
Unit 8/199 Balcatta Road,
Balcatta, WA


Melbourne 2024

Start time: 8.30am sharp

Date: 6th – 8th of May 2024



Perth 2024

Start time: 8.30am sharp

Date: 21st – 23rd of October 2024

MJB Seminars Head Office
Unit 8/199 Balcatta Road,
Balcatta, WA


Need Help Or Have Questions?

We’re around to answer any questions or to help you select the perfect seminar experience for you


Why is this seminar relevant today?

Relationships and You was just the beginning of your journey here with us at MJB, and Letting It Go is the next step to integrating the freedom and awakening what you initially experienced in our first seminar – but on a daily basis. This is an opportunity to learn the process for yourself, to have it in your very pocket, so you can use it whenever and wherever you want – no longer held back by the emotions and perceptions which may have once kept you stuck.  And with the realisation you’ve gained from Relationships and You, that there is nothing to “fix” and that you are perfect exactly as you are, instead we’ll be focusing on adding to your toolkit of knowledge and self-awareness, educating you in how to best wield your skills as the master creator of your own life.   

What can I expect to achieve at the end of this seminar?

In essence, you’ll have learned the Equilibration Process for yourself, with opportunities to nail down the process over the 3 days. You’ll also have plenty of support along the way, so you can really lock in the knowledge and system to accessing that shift, each and every time. On top of this, you’ll have learnt all about the life cycle and steps to becoming a master creator, compiling these insights to create your Divine Mission Statement, in addition to clarifying your top values. Overall, all these elements combine to ensure you leave more grounded and certain of what next steps you want to take, what you want to go out into the world to achieve, and what legacy you want to leave.

(Plus we’ll also be taking you through a well known film, showing you how this essential knowledge has been surrounding you since the start, and is accessible to you in all areas of life.)

Who will I be hanging out with at this seminar?

You’ll be hanging out with all the other awesome students who’ve previously graduated Relationships and You, so there may even be some familiar faces in the room! There also might be some MJB students who are re-sitting LIG, refreshing their knowledge or simply there to experience it all over again.  You will also be sitting with STP students who are deepening their knowledge and trainee equilibrators who are mastering their craft.

What changes can I anticipate after completing this course?

You’ll leave with a complete toolkit of knowledge and skills in how to access the Equilibration Process, so of course if you continue to engage with the process on a regular basis, you’ll only be opening yourself up to a deeper level of love and gratitude for the events and people in your life. Plus, in your hand you’ll have a list of your top 3 values (which is the key to building your wealth) – in addition to your Divine Mission Statement – which will give you a more profound awareness of how you can incorporate your dreams & aspirations into everyday life.  

But I’ve been to a bazillion seminars in the past, so what makes this any different?

If you’ve attended Relationships and You, you’ll know that the MJB seminars are like none you’ve experienced before. So the proof is in the pudding there, really. Your answer is in your own experience.