Transform your life in under 20 minutes!

A fancy way to say change.

Transformation is really just a fancy word to describe change, but I prefer the former. The word ‘change’ implies that life right now isn’t good enough, or it’s broken somehow and needs fixing. Whereas the word ‘transform’ carries a sense of metamorphose from something that is good right now, into something greater.

Why do we get scared at the prospect of change or transformation?

Well, it means stepping into the unknown. We avoid change because we have an underlying fear of the unknown.

What if I fail? What if this doesn’t work out? What if I get hurt, or rejected?

The unknown doesn’t have to be a big, scary thing. Your journey through it can be a gentle, loving, slow process.

In this blog post I’m going to show you three simple steps to help you on your transformational journey.

Go back in time
Photo credit: Krysztof Niewolny

1. Go back in time

Did you know, everything that has occurred in your life so far has been designed for the sole purpose of evolving you as a human being? And, so you can have the greatest experience possible while you’re alive?

Does the life you’re living right now represent the greatest outcome of your past experiences? If it doesn’t, are you open to seeing something greater?

If you answered yes, take some time and ask life to show you what you might not be seeing. Ask what you need to learn and understand about your life so that you can see something greater.

By asking life these questions, you create space for the answers to come.

Let go of your story

2. Let go of your story

The story you’ve created in your mind about your past may not be giving you the whole picture.

You have to be willing to let go be open to seeing another perspective, which is just as true as the perspective you’ve chosen to focus on. You may have left all the blessings, lessons, and the magic your past experiences have given you, on the cutting room floor.

Embrace The Other You

3. Embrace the other you

Do you know there’s another ‘you’ waiting to be seen and embraced?

To embrace the other you, ask yourself this:

How have the blessings and lessons from your past shaped you into the person you are today?

Who have you become based on your life experience? Are you more courageous? Do you have more compassion and empathy? Are you a better listener? Are you more loyal or trustworthy?

Spend a bit of time and contemplate your life without distractions. Write down the thoughts that come up for you. Articulating your blessings, seeing them on paper, is a very powerful process.

Embrace the lessons from your past as blessings for the higher you you are today.

Mitch Behan

Final thoughts

Transformation can be as simple as looking back at the events that have shaped you, opening your heart, and asking life to show you things from a new vantage point. 

Count all your blessings every day, and be grateful for the lessons your life challenges have given you. 

Live your life inspired.

And remember, love is the only way.

Mitch Behan

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