Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?

Student Teacher Prophet is the pinnacle of the entire MJB Seminars journey, as here we reach the answers which illuminate the truth of who you are & the world around you. How do we do this? By deep diving into the 10 areas of life and all they entail: Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Family, Sexual, Personal Social, Global Social, Financial, Career and Vocation. We’re going to take your knowledge to a level only experts have reached.

In this 7 day seminar you’ll be taught the complete skills required to become a master creator, so you can build the congruent life you desire, whilst accessing an expert level of education that extends far beyond the seminar setting. Over this week you’ll construct your personally tailored blueprint to reach your true potential, all the while surrounded by fellow students and a culture that supports, encourages and pushes you to evolve and grasp those goals.

You’ve found the heart, and you’ve nurtured the mind. Now all that’s left is to discover the courage to create the life you love.


As part of a Culture we go down the Rabbit Hole, discovering the Education to being a Master Creator of our own lives.

This is your opportunity to take your knowledge & skills to the next level, to grasp and master each area of your life from the bottom up… all so you can create the reality you’d love to.


Surrounded by a culture of learning, teamship and collaboration, you’ll receive the support you need to dig even deeper.


By diving down the rabbit hole, we journey together to delve into understanding the essence of who we actually are.


Through an education led by true masters, you’ll unlock an expertise that unpacks the very intricacies of existence.


You’ll obtain the complete toolkit of knowledge and strategies to become a master creator, building your dreams into reality.


Alumni Tribe

Having attended R&Y and LIG, you’ll already know the drill when it comes to the peeps you’ll be spending time with. But trust us when we say that you’ll get to know people at Student Teacher Prophet in a way you’ll never have expected.

And like always, we love to take a tribe selfie just like this before wrapping the seminar up. But this isn’t the end. This is where things truly lift off for each and every STP student, and the MJB tribe are definitely gonna tag along for that ride.

Hands-on lessons and labs

Here we have not 2 or 3 days to play games & have some real giggles… we have an entire week! These games are specifically structured to intensify the info and education on offer, driving certain lessons home, so your learning is securely anchored in all the elements of your mind. This then allows you to more thoroughly explore every individual life area, getting to know yourself and your fellow students on a whole new level.

Not only will we have guest speakers of all disciplines – masters in their areas – coming in to share their expertise with you… you’ll also have your Student Teacher Prophet workbook, in which you can catch all the wisdom nuggets we scatter across the week. We’ve also included activities to suit everyone’s learning style: we have stories, independent exercises, writing tasks, visual presentations, and a space for any personal Q&As that pop up along the way – so your brain muscles will definitely be flexed!

Mentorship by default

Ask any of our alumni, and they’ll tell you what an exhilarating ride Student Teacher Prophet is. After all, spend a whole week with any group of peeps and you’re gonna get to know them pretty well, right? But your fellow STP students are going to touch your life in ways you truly wouldn’t expect – what with all the laughs and mind-melting moments you share over these 7 days.

And as you’ll already know, you’ll be invited into the ‘you gotta be part of the gang’ exclusive FB group, so you can reconnect with the MJB community long after this seminar has ended.

(Plus there’s nothing stopping you from attending this seminar again in the future, to refresh your STP knowledge as a different person, in a more mature headspace, adding even more layers to your expertise.

So… are you ready to become a
master creator?



First up, the prerequisite for attending Student Teacher Prophet is to have graduated both  Relationships and You and Letting It Go. To arrive at this level of commitment means that what you’ve learned has clearly taken you beyond a traditional path of self discovery. The students at this level come out of Letting It Go knowing what they’ve been put on this planet to do, have formulated their vision and mission, and now have an appetite to understand the fundamental laws that govern their worldview – in order to achieve and live out their inspired life.


Having graduated both Relationships and You and Letting It Go, a great number of students at this level are on a very specific personal journey. They’re clear. They know their vision and mission, but really enjoy learning in a dedicated, committed and immersive environment. They like the teachings to be a guided journey and both see the value and fully utilise having full access to their educators during the seven days. The experience, the style of which the material is taught, and participating in a tribal community of like minded students is a significant reason why these guys attend.


Graduating both Relationships and You and Letting It Go has ignited a desire to not just do the work, but to take this education out into the world. These students have applied the MJB method with such success in their own lives that they feel driven to help others experience the same purpose and clarity. They’re not just a little committed to the process; they are a living, breathing personification of a value-aligned, congruent life. Their knowledge of how the universe operates shifts from theory to experimental and back. They’re in their flow and are dedicated to taking others with them.




This is it, the climax of every MJB Seminars experience. You ready to dive down the rabbit hole?


STP is the icing on the cake for me, because this is where everything we’ve built throughout R&Y and LIG comes together. Trust me, it’s going to blow your mind.


An expert understanding of all 10 areas of life

By diving into each life area, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of how you perceive yourself and your relationships with others. You’ll also discover the science and research that’s integral to the Equilibration Process, the expert level of education that every MJB seminar is rooted in, a depth of knowledge that will open your eyes to the truth of your very existence. How do we do this? By taking you through the science of quantum and classical physics, the role of neuroscience in equilibrations, and the Universal Laws - the essential rules of the game of life. All this is in addition to lessons in manifestation, the practice of bringing about what you dream about, as well as a swift refresher of the wealth principles, so you have the finances to make your Divine Mission a reality.

An extensive knowing of who you are, and what world you’d like to create

Identify what makes you you, what your dream life involves and how your mission and calling can help you to create the future you most want. How do we do this? Through self-driven exercises and a series of Z Form Equilibrations, you’ll establish an understanding and balanced perception of each of the 10 areas of life. You’ll also participate in activities to: understand what your faculty is, transform your old reality to your new reality, build your financial snapshot and clarify what you have to offer to the world, establish what addictions you’d like to transform, understand the nuances of your family relationships, discover what legacy you want to be remembered for in 1000 years time, and identify what your dream career/calling/business is and how to build it into your life.

Insight into how you behave in life and why

Explore how you behave and respond to various life situations, learning how to break the cycle of your old perceptions and build a new point of view, no longer chained by the past but striving towards a future where you’re in the driver’s seat. How do we do this? Through a series of games, you’ll discover how you react when faced with different choices - whether it’s in reaction to money, or to unforeseen obstacles to your success. You’ll also have the opportunity to sit in on some expert lectures by masters in their fields, which will reveal some pretty intense but funky information about yourself and how your world forms around you.

A heightened awareness of your physical positioning in the world

Discover how you move through the world, what level of energetic frequency you emit, and how this relates to building the life and relationships of your dreams. How do we do this? By taking you through a series of activities, you’ll unlock an understanding of where you’ve come from, the foundations your past reality once rested on, and how can begin to build a bridge to the future you want to create, the person you want to be. Because when accessing this education your life shifts firmly into your hands, and with each task you complete you’ll be taking the congruent steps to make this journey a reality.

Total love and gratitude for the individuals around you

Access a deeper level of awareness and appreciation for the individuals in your life who have supported - and will continue to support you - in reaching your dreams and aspirations.

How do we do this? By taking you through self-reflective exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to address any lopsided perceptions, as well as identify and acknowledge the people in your life who have been your mentors and teachers, and who have given you the skills, experience or knowledge to get where you’ve gotten to today. Not only that, you’ll also identify in what ways you, personally, are a student, teacher, and prophet, and how you can continue to make a influence on the lives around you.



Choose The Student Teacher Prophet Plan That Works Best For You

Melbourne 2024

Time: 8:45am – 6:00pm

Date: 27th July – 2nd August 2024

Location: TBA

Perth 2024

Time: 8:45am – 6:00pm

Date: 30th November – 6th December 2024

Location: MJB Seminars Head Office
Unit 8/199 Balcatta Road,
Balcatta, WA

Need Help Or Have Questions?

We’re around to answer any questions or to help you select the perfect seminar experience for you


Why is this seminar relevant today?

Relationships and You and Letting It Go gave you the experience and then the mastery of the Equilibration Process, as well as clarity of your Divine Mission Statement, but at Student Teacher Prophet we don’t merely show you the gears of the mechanism. We rip apart every nook and cranny, look at how each individual part fits and functions together, before reassembling the lot. In other words, we not only further deconstruct the science behind the process and the experience, we dig deeper… way deeper… into the very fabric of our existence. And in a world that is filled with so much noise and distraction, this is an opportunity to finally discover the truth of what it all means.  

What can I expect to achieve at the end of this seminar?

This is the culmination of the MJB Seminars experience. By the end of these mindblowing 7 days, you’ll have dived into all life areas, from mental to spiritual to physical to financial and beyond, and will have a comprehensive understanding of how all these areas interlink and how to bring them into balance. You’ll also discover in what ways you’re a student, a teacher and a prophet, and how to grasp every moment and opportunity so you can find fulfillment in every single day. You’ll leave a true master creator, with all the tools and materials to shape your life exactly as you want it.

Who will I be hanging out with at this seminar?

You’ll be hanging with the cool cats who – just like you – have previously graduated from R&Y and LIG, and are committed to taking the next step, unpacking all this education and getting their minds blown with all the cool science behind what it is MJB do. As well as kicking around with Mitch and Mills, you’ll be meeting some of their mentors and professionals that they turn to for information in their specific fields of expertise.  There will be trainee equilibrators immersing themselves further in the information and Inspired Lifers who attend each time this seminar is presented. There’ll also be some returning STP graduates who want to refresh themselves on all the info – coming back as different people in different headspaces, layering their established knowledge – and possibly our own staff members, who are likewise dedicated to educating themselves to the highest level possible. Because we’re not kidding when we say we pack a lot of info into these 7 days!  

What changes can I anticipate after completing this course?

You’ll be a true master in all the life areas that Student Teacher Prophet teaches, with a thorough and extensive understanding of: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Personal Social, Global Social, Sexual… well, you’ve already read about what areas we tackle – so you get the jist. And so with this understanding, you can expect to have a more nuanced and profound relationship with yourself and others, as you’ll have discovered our top level education on who, why and what we all are.

(Seriously, we even discuss the origin of life on earth and the prospect of other forms of life out there at one stage. So needless to say… we can’t get any further down the rabbit hole.)

But I’ve been to a bazillion seminars in the past, so what makes this any different?

Look, you’ll have attended both Relationships and You & Letting It Go by this stage, so you’ll have already experienced what kind of seminars MJB run… and you’ll know that these seminars are unlike any other you’ve ever experienced before. So we’ll just let your own experiences speak for themselves, shall we? 😉