Impact Coaching

An Impact-driven life has no limits.

Impact Coaching is a 3-month human development coaching suite, expertly designed, delivered and proven to give you rapid, life-transforming results.

Mitch Behan

Impact Coaching

Mitch Behan

An Impact-driven life has no limits.

Impact Coaching is a 3-month human development coaching suite, expertly designed, delivered and proven to give you rapid, life-transforming results.

Start your Impact journey today

  • 3-Months worth of tailored one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • A complete suite of personal development insights and guiding principles to work through.
  • Targeted accountability to help you stay committed, organised, and on track.
  • Additional coaching support throughout your Impact experience.
  • Special access to group coaching with Mike Johnston.
  • A complete blueprint for living your life with Impact.

I’ve just started my impact coaching journey and can’t believe how much I’ve already learned about myself. Going through the process and activities, and discovering my X factor has been a huge eye-opener. Mike has pushed and lovingly guided me to own parts of myself I’ve resisted looking at. Now I truly see the value I bring to my business and personal life. Mike takes me outside my comfort zone, which is exactly what I need. These guys give over and above what you’d expect.

Jordan Turner, Artist

Bust through your glass ceiling

The number one reason why most of us settle for a life less ordinary is the little voice inside our head telling us it’s all we deserve.

It’s not a conscious thing. None of us actually say to ourselves that we don’t deserve or shouldn’t strive for something more.

But at a deeper, less obvious level we have an innermost dominating belief or feeling about ourselves and the world around us that weighs us down and holds us back from living a life extraordinary.

A life we were born to live.

We might know who we’d love to become in order to live our highest human potential, but it can often seem just out of reach.

Mitch Behan

Imagine walking your path free and unencumbered by that little voice…

What would it be like to know no limits, to be utterly certain about where you want to be in your love and family life, career, lifestyle and personal wellbeing, to know precisely what steps to take, to be able to overcome every obstacle, and to do whatever it takes to make it all happen?

Imagine what your life would look like then.

Meet Your Impact Coaches

Hi, I’m Querida Hutchinson.

Hi, I’m Querida Hutchinson. I’ve been a coach and mindfulness facilitator for over 17 years, and have lived and breathed  human development my entire adult life. I feel incredibly inspired by people, like you, who seek to grow and reach your highest potential, and I’m deeply honoured to be part of that journey. Nothing brings me more joy than when clients say they’ve just experienced a game-changing breakthrough, their life suddenly has a whole new perspective, and will never be the same again.

Hi, I’m Danielle Morris.

I’ve been a life coach for over five years, and have studied human development since I was a teenager. I had my first mentor at 22 and it was then that I realised how powerful it is to have someone knowledgeable and wise help guide you through life. I blend intuition with the right questions to draw out your best, guide you to your truth and inspire you to keep going. For me, there’s very little on this earth that compares to when I hear a client say, “you’ve completely changed my life for the better.”

Hi, I’m Claire Allen.

I’ve been an equilibrator with MJB since 2010 and a coach and mentor since 2013, but feel like I’ve been in this role my whole life. I love connecting with people to help them redefine their life, reignite a passion to follow their hearts and find the light and love within. My corporate background means I understand the intricacies of multinational corporations, team dynamics and what it takes to be high performing in business. I love sharing this information for those wanting to smash the glass ceiling and perform beyond their dreams.

Hi, I’m Nerida Mills

My name is Nerida Mills, and I have been coaching for the past nine years, focusing on relationships, self-love, and business. What I love about being a coach is witnessing the transformation that takes place in my clients when they have a breakthrough and see themselves in a new light. It is truly a beautiful thing to witness. As a coach, I strive to empower individuals to break through their limiting beliefs and reach their fullest potential in all areas of their life. I am passionate about guiding others towards personal growth and fulfilment. So if you're ready for a change, let's work together to make it happen. Are you ready to tap into your inner power and unleash your true potential? Let's do this! Let's make it happen. Say yes to a better you. Let's create the life you've always wanted. Are you ready? Let's go!

Hi, I’m Stacey Adams.

I am a seasoned coach working from beautiful New Zealand. While I started my career as a social worker, I quickly noticed that the best impact and support I could give someone is through one-on-one personal coaching.
Having been on my own personal development journey for the past four years, I have a deep understanding of how powerful it is to look within to produce the results you are looking for and enjoy supporting others to do the same.
My heart lights up when a client realises they are enough, just the way they are!
As a coach, what gets me out of bed every day is seeing people living their lives within their values, realising who they are and achieving the goals they set for themselves.

Hi, I’m Mel Merritt.

While I only started working as an Impact Coach at the start of 2020, I have been coaching people in one way or another for many years.
My journey with Impact Coaching began by being a client! Yes, I have graduated from student to coach, and now I am living out a lifelong dream to help others!
As a client, I loved the structure, the exercises and the accountability from caring yet, firm coaches. This is why I put up my hand to train as an MJB coach.
I genuinely believe we all know what our heart desires, and my role is being able to guide people to uncover and love who they are and get clarity around what they want has lit a fire inside me to continue helping others.

I started my impact coaching journey last week and have already had a win in my new business. I’m beyond excited to see where this journey takes me. I’m so grateful that the hard parts of my life have led me to MJB and the personal development journey I’m now on.

Melissa Merritt, Founder, Merrivine Wellbeing

The complete Impact Coaching experience

  • The Impact suite includes a series of one on one coaching sessions, each focusing on a unique area of your personal development.
  • Your assigned personal coach will be alongside you as you work through each process, set task, plan and strategy. You’ll never feel like you’re flying blind or that you have to work things out on your own. Your coach will be there to guide you, every step of the way.
  • You'll be given set tasks to work on together with your coach. This dynamic process will give you a completely different perspective and a new way of thinking about your current approach - which will ultimately transform your whole life experience.
  • Your coach will be available for any additional coaching support you might need along your transformational journey. We can all hit a wall or feel a bit wobbly sometimes when we're reaching for the stars!

Wow! I never saw my life like this before. Working with Querida has shown me a completely different life view. I’ve done this kind of work before but never in such detail or from this perspective. And what I now know, is that perspective is everything. It’s not always easy for me to tap into my emotions, but Querida supports and guides me toward a deeper understanding of myself. She’s incredibly switched on and intuitive. She'll make an observation about something I've said, and I’d be like, wow, I never saw it like that before! I can tell by the way Querida engages how much she truly enjoys being a coach, which makes for a wonderfully fulfilling, collaborative experience. I’m looking forward to where this journey takes me next.

Hutika Bourke, Trainee Coach

Impact Coaching Focus

Transformation Triangle

Recognise the results you’re getting in your life right now and break down the steps required to get the results you want.

In-and-Out Talk

See the link between your inner talk and the way you communicate with the outside world, and how these impact the measure of your results.

Your Transformation Touchstone

Learn how to practically apply the you YOU want to be in your life right now.

The 7 Fundamentals Of Your Ideal 10

Identify the core values and behaviours of the people who influence you most and walk the path that drives you.

Success Leaves Clues

Model a high quality innermost dominating thought.

Walk The Walk Of Your Success

Uncover the link between your emotional state, your identity and the quality of your results.

Reflect, Review and Adjust

Embody and apply what you’ve learned so far into every area of your life.

The Triad Of Emotion

Take stock of your emotional inventory and uncover your greatest resource.

Your Map Is Not Your Territory

Manage your memory and redefine the roadmap for how you show up in life.

Identity Checklist

Redefine who you know you are.

Reality: A Result From The Action Command Of Belief

Unearth your past from a wisdom perspective.

Innermost Dominating Thought

Break down the building blocks of your past events. Unhook the cycle and break free.

Danielle has helped me push through things that were holding me back in my life. She held space for me and cheered me on and helped me really transform every aspect of my life. I’m debt free and have a solid future plan, I’m emotionally balanced and my whole family has benefited from my work with her. She’s an incredible sounding board and support. Anyone who coaches with Danielle will unquestionably do great things. I can’t recommend her enough.

Chelsea Daughtry, Founder, Essential Oils With Chelsea

Start your Impact

Coaching journey today

  • 3-Months worth of tailored one-on-one coaching sessions
  • A complete suite of personal development insights and guiding principles to work through
  • Targeted accountability to help you stay committed, organised, and on track
  • Additional coaching support throughout your Impact experience
  • Special access to group coaching with Mike Johnston
  • A complete blueprint for living your life with Impact.
  • Lifetime access to additional resources, knowledge, tools and supporting documents

Total Suite Value $3297


Invest in YOU today


$ 2745



Deposit of $505

followed by 12 weekly payments of $ 195


  • Recognise, embrace and embody what drives you
  • Choose and commit to your path of excellence and put an end to your self-sabotage
  • Supersize your confidence
  • Communicate with influence, clarity and purpose
  • Navigate and overcome any obstacle life throws your way
  • Walk your path with courage
  • Unearth your greatness
  • Balance your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing
  • Let your inner strengths shine
  • Sharpen your emotional intelligence
  • Optimise your time management and human performance
  • Step into your born leader

I’ve done a lot of work in the past to help me get clear on my mission and what I’m here to do, but I just didn’t know how I was going to get there. Moving from where I am now to where I knew I wanted to be felt so big and unattainable. That is until I started my Impact Coaching journey three weeks ago. In such a short time I now know how everything fits together and I have a clear, step-by-step plan that feels totally manageable and achievable. I can’t recommend this experience enough.

Stacey Adams, Founder, Fit Babes

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