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Terms & Conditions

Rules for using our website

Automatic agreement to these Terms and Conditions

The fact that you are here reading our Terms and Conditions and visiting our website, means you have automatically agreed to the following Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual Property

We are super proud of our fancy website, including our logo’s, branding, images and content (“Contents”).  Whilst we are happy for you to admire and enjoy our website, the contents of our website is subject to copyright laws and we really do not want you to copy in a manner that would hurt our feelings.  Any use of the contents without our permission is really not allowed.

Accuracy of information on the site.

Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that the information on our website is complete, accurate and current, the site may occasionally be incomplete or out of date.  In this instance, we will do our best to rectify the error and make it up to you, whilst not being held liable for any costs incurred by you as a result of the error

Common Sense rules

Please don’t abuse and misuse our website in a way that would be deemed illegal, such as use of a virus, uploading and downloading content or any other super geeky stuff just to show off.

Third-Party links

Whilst we love sharing with you the work of other businesses and individuals that have touched our hearts, we have no input or control over the content of these third-party websites and we cannot take any responsibility for any aspect of these external links.

Our rules for keeping your infomation private

Privacy Act 1988

Good old Privacy Act 1988, keeps us in line and ensures that we keep any information you submit onto our website nice and safe.  The information you provide to us will be retained only by us and not handed to a third party.  

Now your turn! You must ensure that the information you have provided to us is your information only.  If you are providing information that relates to another person, it is your responsibility to inform them of who we are, the information provided and the ensure they consent to you using their information.

Rules for Purchasing our Products online

Adults only

By making an online purchase you confirm that you are of legal age (over 18 years of age) and the financial details that you provide to make your payments are yours to provide.  If you have borrowed your family members/friends or any other human being’s credit card to make the purchase, make sure you get their approval to do so.

Your decision to purchase

Our products are designed to open your mind and thoughts and in no way do we attempt to offer or provide any form of medicinal or psychological therapy.  Each client gains a unique and individual experience from our products and services that is a reflection of their personal journey.  We hope you understand that, if the end result of your experience is not in line with your expectations, then this is out of our control, but we will work hard together to try and fix it.

We advise that you take up the opportunity to make a full investigation and enquiries relating to our products and services and reach out to us to make an informed decision about your purchase.

Refunds and Cancellations

The nature of what we do is partly to hold our clients accountable for the decision they make in life, and that accountability starts right here with your decision to purchase our product.  You’ve taken that first step forward and we are here to ensure that you don’t take that step back.  Therefore, we have a strict policy of no refunds for changing your mind. 

However, we have the utmost respect for our State, Territory and Commonwealth Law, including Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and so if your request for a refund falls under certain statutory implied guarantees and warranties then we will honour the requirements of the Competition and Consumer ACT 2010.

MJB reserves the right to postpone or transfer the event to another State, Date or online version to the same value as detailed on the face of this agreement, if unable to run the seminar due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. Covid-19)

Rules for attending our Seminars


Prior to attending some of our live and online seminars,  you may be required to have completed an online quiz or a short “pre-call” with one of our coaches.  Our Office will contact you to arrange this beforehand.  If these quiz/pre calls are not completed prior to the event date, then we have the right to move you to a later date to allow for this crucial part of your purchase to be completed.

Remember the point above about how we want to hold you accountable for the decision that you made to start this PD Journey, well we will also get tough on you if you start postponing /delaying your attendance to our live events or online events.
Give us a heads up of 21 days (live events) or 14 days (online events) if you need to transfer your dates.  Be careful though as we can only bend the rules for you once.  If you need to transfer again, without a valid reason, then we will charge a 10% transfer fee for our live and online events.

We do not allow transfers to friends, family or partners…  You made the deal with us so you need to see it through!

Talking of transferring, we also don’t want you to transfer into “neverland” and forget all about what you actually paid for..so make sure you rebook your dates within 12 months of purchasing online.


It is imperative that you let us know if you have any medical conditions.

Please show some respect to all of our staff and other guests by not attending intoxicated or using language that offends.  If your behaviour is deemed unacceptable by us, we are within our rights to send you to the naughty corner and you will forfeit your attendance.


Some of our Seminars require you to attend a “post-coaching” interview in person.  You must make sure you attend as it’s a great way of putting the icing on the cake!

Pricing, GST and Payments

Included or not included.. that is the question?  The total amount payable shown on our website includes the current standard rate of GST at 10%

If your buying from our website, it’s simple, please stick to the pay in full price or the payment plan offered/advertised on our website.  Your attendance to our live or online event is subject to your payments being on track.

If at any point, you breach of any obligations (including those relating to payment) under these Terms and Conditions, we may suspend or terminate your attendance at the seminar and any other services.  In this case,  we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage you suffer because of us exercising our right to do so under this clause.

Use of subcontractors

As much as we love being a multinational company with thousands of employees, we are still grateful for a humble team of employees within our small business.  This, however, does mean that we may license or sub-contract all or any part of our rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions, without your consent to ensure we provide the same quality service we have committed to you.

Act of God or pandemic…( Yes we had to chuck Covid19 here somewhere- the new norm!)

If we are unable to deliver our live or online event for any reason, outside of our control, on the advertised date, we will do everything to bring this event to you at a later date.  In this case, we will not be offering a refund as we will stay fully committed to providing alternative options to you.

If an act of “God” happens and we are unable to reschedule for you, then we will refund you the payments made as required by law.  This does not however include any other costs that you may have incurred as a result of the cancellation.

Remaining Legal Formalities

You know us as “MJB Seminars”, but we have another undercover name that we only use for Legal stuff.  In case you need it here is our details.

Carbeh Pty Ltd ATF The Carbeh Family Trust 

ACN :  114 602 747

ABN :  8055 1159 441

Registered Address: Level 1, 35 Cedric St, Stirling in the State of Western Australia 6021

We are a business registered in Western Australia and so these Terms and Conditions and any contract to which they apply are governed by the laws of the state of Western Australia and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in that State.

Please feel free to contact our office at info@mjbseminars.com.au should you require any further clarification on these Terms and Conditions.

Enjoy your Purchase with MJB Seminars and we are very excited to start the life-changing journey with you.