At MJB Adventures, our goal is to assist ordinary people to do extraordinary things. While many people who travel pay for the privilege not to look, our aim is to assist each person to truly experience the places we visit, immersing them in the culture, the people, the environment.

We travel with the knowledge that as we fully experience the wonderful and awe-inspiring parts of the globe around us, that we also uncover new parts of ourselves within.

In association with Jetset Rowville, we continue to provide and experience new opportunities that many only dream of. We would love you to join us as we fulfill our dream of Adventuring the World and Inspiring Lives.

South America 2018

India 2017

Mexico 2016

Mindset and Leadership Conference – John, Joe, Dave, Dan, Paul

South America 2014

India 2013

The Caribbean Sea 2012

Masterminds of the Caribbean Cruise – John, Jack, Joe

Mexico – 2012

Canada 2011

Northern Lights

Nepal Himalayas 2010

Mera Peak Trek

South America 2009

Nepal 2008

India 2008

India 2007

India 2006

India 2005