Mitch Behan

Mitch Behan

Mitch Behan has been a master educator for the past 18 years

Mitch Behan is a personal development educator to coaches, business leaders, and world-class athletes.

That’d be me, and for the past 18 years, I’ve been CEO and co-founder of MJB Seminars with my wife, Angela. We’re very much a family run and operated a business. This enables us to work closely with our community. To coach and mentor, sometimes hundreds of clients require a level of personalization.

I’m also a high-performance coach a mentor entrepreneurs, executives, and world-class athletes. But it’s the success of Master Mind & Money, a financial system I created over ten years ago, is the most rewarding.

Over ten thousand individuals in those ten years have graduated from that one seminar. Thousands have turned their lives around never to look back. As a teacher, coach, it’s certainly humbling.

I created my first seminar called Relationships and You. And, for 17 years, we’ve been teaching the strategies and lifestyle changes that when followed, your true nature expands. It’s like there’s more of you to go around. Even setting goals becomes something you’re naturally compelled to do. True story! No gun against the head!

When you wake up that bigger part of you, you get to know yourself at a new level. This new level is just an awareness of dormant values. And, when you know your values, you can set financial goals that are congruent with them. Once you know it, it’s easy. We should be taught better. And these awakened values make up a new level of intelligence that will serve you for life. Once you got it, you can’t un-know it.

But timing is everything. Check out all the possibilities, and run with what feels right for you. However, if you’re curious, I welcome you to a personal ‘one on one’ with one of my team or me. No charge, just a good chat and we’ll see if this is, in fact, the time for you.

You can head over here now and watch a quick intro video. 

Mitch Behan –  Bridge The Gap Video 

If you’re ready now, then come along and I look forward to meeting you. 


All the best.

Mitch Behan

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