Episode 63: Spotlight on Client, Chani Thompson – Dorothy and the Dealer

“Another Level, Another Devil”

Welcome back to another episode of Dorothy and the Dealer.

Who hasn’t dreamed, at least once in their life, about taking a pair of scissors to their shiny credit card? Well, for this week’s special guest and much-loved MJB client, Chani Thompson, that proverbial chopping block was just the start of her incredible transformation.


‘Dragged’ along to the Master Mind and Money seminar seven years ago by her now-husband Matt (legend), Chani was $12,000 in debt, embarrassed, and what she likes to call “broke AF”.

Struggling with low self-worth and self-sabotage, Chani felt desperate, despite having the dream job as a registered nurse and a great partner at home. (Remember: Self Worth and Net Worth are intrinsically linked!)

Fast forward to the current day though, and not only is she a successful professional network marketer and founder of Babes in Business and the Healthy Emporium, but Chani is helping thousands of women all over the world take back control of their lives.

So, how did she do it?

* Implementing Master Mind and Money wealth principles to be organized and committed to living the inspired life she knew she deserved.

* Signing a contract with herself and being disciplined to see it through.

* Realising our biggest struggles can become what we help others with (Educate, inspire, and entertain – with no agenda.)

So make sure you check out Chani’s story to hear how shiny her future is now.

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