Episode 62: The Truth Is Out There – Dorothy and the Dealer

“Never be afraid to ask the BIG questions!”

In this week’s episode of Dorothy and the Dealer, Mitch and Mills take a trip down the rabbit hole to discuss Ancient Civilisations, Aliens, and the Mysteries of the Universe. 🛸

These intriguing subjects are unquestionably some of Mitch’s favorite topics to talk about and having traveled to many countries over the years with MJB Adventures, the guys have been privileged to see some of the world’s most incredible discoveries and unexplained phenomena with their own eyes.

* There are 4 main questions in life that almost every single person asks themselves at one time or another…

Where have I come from?

Why am I here?

What do I do whilst I’m here?

What happens when I die?

Tune in to this week’s episode to discover….

* The importance of searching for OUR own truth and doing our own research, rather than blindly believing everything we are told.

* Why approaching the world with an open mind and a genuine curiosity for knowledge, rather than a predetermined perception and judgment helps spark a deeper understanding of who we are.

* The beliefs and practices of ancient civilizations, and how these individuals possessed not only an appreciation for the astral world but also an intrinsic link and communication with it.

From Golden Scriptures to the Land of the Giants, to a 2 million-year-old microchip…. this episode is going to blow your mind

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