Episode 043: Spotlight on Client, Amelia Gow

When we want to master our DESTINY, we have to be willing NOT to be a victim of our HISTORY”.

Hey guys and welcome back to an exciting new episode of Dorothy and the Dealer.

▶This episode is particularly exciting as it’s the first of our new Dorothy and the Dealer segment where we’ll be inviting some of our MJB Tribe, clients and truly inspirational people to speak with us on the show about their journey.

▶We are so fortunate that we get to listen to our client’s transformation stories every single day and every time it reduces us to tears.

▶By sharing the stories of some of our own personal heroes we hope that you too can be inspired and empowered to discover and be your most authentic and inspired self.

▶Our first guest Amelia started working with us around a decade ago. A recent winner of ‘Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ and founder of a company that has helped thousands of woman transform their own lives, we’ve had the privilege of watching Amelia grow from a recovering drug addict, estranged from her family and dealing with the trauma of being held captive for 7 days to where she is today.

▶Our hearts are so full whenever we listen to her story and we can’t wait for you to hear it.

Tune in to the conversation below  👇🏼

If you want to learn more about what Amelia does head on over to her website www.activeopportunities.org/

or follow her on Instagram or Facebook @ameliagow

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