Blahhhhh I almost fell asleep writing that title, I mean how many boring books, boring tv shows and boring articles are written about “SAVING MONEY.”

I promise you, this blog will not bore you, and you will get at least ONE bank balance saving tip out of it.

Tip one

My NUMBER ONE tip for people who are trying to save money for a goal is…
This is not what you think; I am not telling you to cancel your credit card or cut it up (THINK OF THE QANTAS POINTS) I am saying, tell your bank, you have lost your card.
Why??? Well, this is when you find out about all those unnecessary subscriptions or recurring payments you have set up and forgotten.
Once the email request for payments come flooding in, you can make an educated choice on whether you need that service or product anymore.

Tip two

Take a day off of work.

WHAT?? That doesn’t make sense.
Well, what I mean is take the day off work and call your insurance companies, your electricity companies, your banks, etc. and get a better deal.

Yes, this is super annoying to do, but if you do your research, you can save 1,000s by the end of the year.

BTW I am not telling you to call in sick (cough cough), if you want to stay employed, I recommend you take it as holiday pay

Tip three

Hang out with books!

I used to spend a fortune buying books, every time I would swear I would stop buying them Reese Witherspoon would recommend another one and BAM I am back in a book store.

Well, not anymore! Now, I get my book from my local library! Everyone has one, and they are underutilised. I order which book I want online and walk-in and collect. It has saved me 100s of dollars.

If you want to read on your kindle or e-reader, you can do it using the library funded apps Overdrive or Libby.

Tip four

Caffeinate at home!

Take-away coffee can be super expensive with average prices around $6 a cup. However, if you have a coffee machine, percolator or even a kettle, you can save 100s of dollars.

Beware; once you start finding a brand of coffee bean that you love, you will become a coffee snob and never want to drink it out again.

Tip five

Drink up

Just because you are saving money, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, it just means you have to be smart.

So, when it comes to alcohol, don’t drink out… drink at home and don’t buy one bottle by 12.

Crazy right? Well, no instead of paying $25 for a nice chardonnay, buy a box of wines from Vinomofo or your local bottle shop, and you will save money!

Warning: this could lead to drinking more, so you need to be strong when implementing this tip.

Oh, and it would be remiss of me to give a small plug to seminar Master Mind and Money, or our online course Transform Your Wealth.
At the seminar or doing the online course gives you the tools and strategy to build and create wealth and transform your relationship with money FOREVER!