How Leaders Make Choices

Have you ever found yourself making choices in your life, only to follow them up with a series of insecure questions directed towards your friends and family?

Did I make the right decision?

What would you have done?

Have I screwed it all up?

Here you’re turning your choice into a decision that needs to be justified – and that’s where the problem lies. Because in reality, choices are far more organic than the calculated decisions you might make in a boardroom. And that means it’s pointless trying to justify them in hindsight.  

To get some inspiration for how we should treat our choices, look over at some of the most successful people in the world. When leaders make choices they don’t scramble to justify themselves. Why would they? They’ve always been confident in the direction they’re heading . Instead, they use their choices to guide other people.

Choices vs. Decisions

Let’s explore this idea a bit further.

Say you’ve made the choice to invite someone out on a date. You have such a brilliant time that you celebrate the choice with others; maybe even offering some nuggets of relationship advice too. This is how we should approach our choices: as organic opportunities to learn and grow.

Yet for many of us, a choice is just like a decision. Something to worry about and over-analyse.

There is a fundamental difference between a choice and a decision:

We make choices through self-worth and self-esteem and empower. We make decisions when we yearn for other people’s approval.

Remember, people who are leaders gather information about their choices because they want to add value to other people’s lives, not because they need reassurance from others.

Do not run around asking other people their opinion of your choices. Nobody else’s opinion is more important than the choices that you make in your own life.

Remember, guys: it’s all about your personal power, your power in choice. That’s what you have to follow.