Episode 039: HO HO HO it’s Christmas

Welcome back to a very special ‘Christmas Edition’ of Dorothy and the Dealer

We have a question for you…

Each year do you basically check out over the Christmas period?

By check out we mean stand down and reside yourself to the fact that work, growth and financial gain will pretty much be non-existent until the 3rd week of January

In this episode, Mitch and Mills discuss why people basically give up this time of year and how in reality we should all be doing the exact opposite.

FIND out why you should run your life like a large corporation during the holidays.

LEARN how to set yourself up for an AMAZING start to 2020.

LOOK at how to have less stress and more enjoyment this time of year.

HEAR Mitch’s number 1 Tip for Xmas.

ENJOY some festive talk along the way including Mitch’s favourite Christmas songs and how Millsy is secretly the Queen of shooters at parties!

 Tune in now to listen to the Podcast now…. and have a VERY Merry Christmas

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