Ways to give, even when you don’t have money to give


Most of us are feeling overwhelmed with how to help out during this catastrophic Australia Bushfire season. 

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need 1 million dollars to make a difference. 

If you can donate money, we recommend donating to Red Cross or WIRES

HOWEVER, if you are feeling helpless, you don’t feel like money is enough or you don’t have enough money and don’t know how you can help out there are other options. 

Donate a bed or room at your house 

There are many displaced people at this time and volunteer people coming from around the globe that will need a bed and a safe place to rest their head.

Find A Bed is a service set up to assist those displaced by the bushfire crisis. Set up by Aussie women Erin Riley, it puts people in need of a bed in contact with those who have a spare one. 

Get crafty

OR you can knit or sew – the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild are in desperate need of Joey pouches, hanging pouches, birds nests, bat wraps, blankets, sweaters, and more. 

Shop and share 

Across Australia, Foodbank are delivering groceries to people affected by the fire and need your help

The CEO has come out and explained that “We are able to leverage every dollar further, and more importantly select the right food and groceries.”

But, she says, physical donations are welcome, too.

Household items remain in high demand and Foodbank volunteers are available and ready to sort.

At this stage, Foodbank is requesting the following items:

  • Bottled water
  • UHT milk
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Good quality tinned foods and meals (with ring pulls)
  • Pasta, rice and noodles
  • Grab-and-go foods like muesli bars
  • Pet food

The locations, opening hours and contact information for each of Foodbank’s state warehouses can be found here.

Other general ideas 

You can leave out bowls of water for the animals

You can buy products from the people in the bush at https://www.facebook.com/buyfromthebush/

Charities like Givit specialise in goods but act as a “charity broker” to avoid the trap of unwanted, random items. This site matches what people have to what people need. Gifts can include anything from helping to repair a fence to giving a fridge or pram, you can find the list here http://www.givit.org.au/items-needed

The charity has also reminded anyone with unwanted Christmas gifts, including children’s toys and even socks, to consider registering them through the website.

The Red Cross also said it will gratefully accept goods like clothing at its retail store, where the funds raised from selling the items can go towards their work, including bushfire relief.

From little things

Don’t feel overwhelmed, remember that some really simple acts can make a big difference to even one person. Go to your local fire station and THANK THEM for their dedication and hard work. Ask your local volunteer fireys if they need any help or make them a big plate of food.

Do what you usually do, just support those who are fundraising. Follow the #bushfireappeal or #bushfirefundraiser and get a coffee or beer from someone donating, buy a gift from someone donating, do you see how easy it can be to contribute?

Remember, whatever you can do is enough.