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Once you’ve followed the “Schedule Now” below you’ll be taken to our calendar app. Here you’ll select a time and day suitable for your Phone Coaching Session where we’ll begin to unfold what your very own ‘Inner Most Dominating Thought’ is. Call Us:(08) 9240 7553

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This call is traditionally around 40 minutes. We’ll work through a series of simple and straightforward questions to help determine what key sub-conscious perceptions could be preventing you from realising your full potential & being able to take things to the next level in your life. I’ll also provide you with plenty of context around its significance and how your ‘Innermost Dominating Thought’ could be affecting different areas of your life and how to shift this. I’ll also provide you with key tools and strategies you can walk away with right now and implement in to your life to get real results fast. I look forward to speaking to you soon. Kessie Newman Client Engagement Specialist & Coach

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