Story From Inside MJB – Meet Melissa

This is a quick blog on how I felt attending my first MJB Seminars event!

I have never attended any personal development events before and at 21 years old, I questioned why do I need personal development? I’m still learning and growing.

But when I thought about it some more, deep down I knew that all of us, even myself have something we need to work on.

Working at MJB Seminars is my first full-time job out of university and only 2 weeks in I have already learnt a lot.

Initially, I thought the seminar was going to be solely based on improving your financial situation, little did I know that the majority of it was based on understanding your thoughts and reasoning behind how you deal with and understand the area of wealth.

It didn’t matter who you were, the way Mitch and Mills were able to understand the audience and help people acknowledge how their past decisions impacted the way they deal with wealth today was something that YOU needed to be there to witness. Unless you attended Master Mind and Money before, you definitely don’t know what to expect.

Throughout the two-day seminar, you observe the audience experiencing a whole range of emotions. There was excitement, joy, confusion and a few tears along the way too. By the end of the seminar, you can see something in people’s heads click where they experience that moment of realisation and they just know what they need to do.

At the end of the first day, everyone had few questions that are yet to be answered. I know I certainly did! It’s the second day where that final piece of the puzzle gets put into place and people get to see that full picture they have been waiting for. Wealth is so much more than just finance. Whilst part of it is about finance, wealth can also be viewed in terms of the value you place on relationships and the value you place on yourself.

Master Mind and Money was something completely different and new. Only two weeks into my MJB journey I wonder what other weird and wonderful things will come up along the way.