Story From Inside MJB – Living Life Inspired

Living your holiday life

A couple of weeks ago, I completed one of our seminars Letting It Go and DOUBLE WOW #mindblown

In this seminar, we identified our top three values, started writing our mission statement and learnt how to equilibrate ourselves (though this one was a toughie for me). During the 3 day course, Mitch kept repeating how important it is to live a life that you don’t need a holiday from and create the life you love where you enjoy every moment.

At first, I was like, are you kidding?? We just did a 13 hour day, how is that a life I don’t need a holiday from? After a few weeks, I recognised that actually do live a life like that, thank goodness.

I recognised that although I am super busy with all of the activities going on at MJB, and gee, do I love telling people how busy I am… I realised that though I am swamped, everything I do, create and promote makes me smile. I enjoy it so much, that even when I am travelling on a plane (like I am now) I am inspired to write rather than rest.

I absolutely love what I do!

I am not going to lie, I am super looking forward to my China adventure at Christmas. However, the best part is, I will also look forward to returning back to work.

That is me living my life inspired.