Sleepless Nights? You are not alone!

“Honey, the TV is talking about you”

Very early this morning while I was wandering around in a daze, my husband called me over to the TV. 

Hubby and I enjoy our daily dose of breakfast TV, and usually, it just updates me with any overnight news, gossip about the Royal family and gives me a giggle or two, but today, one segment stood OUT. 

This morning, the Channel 9 Today Show had author Ada Calhoun who had been researching lack of sleep in Gen X people during their midlife.

I will not be admitting here that I am in my midlife as I am in my awesome life, but I will admit, I have so many problems sleeping and apparently, I am not the only one.

Did you know “Gen Xers not only sleep less than other generations—studies often find us to be more anxious than previous generations. Nearly 60% of those born between 1965 and 1979 describe themselves as stressed about subjects like their finances and caring for loved ones.” Time Magazine 

I don’t have children, which means I always feel a tinge of guilt when telling people I don’t get much sleep… I mean, who am I to complain? However, my drive to be successful and see the people I work with succeed means that I have many sleepless nights. 

Calhoun talked about perimenopause and how hormones impact our sleep, she goes on to say that self-care and sleep products are lining our shelves, trying to calm the conversation inside our heads.

I have friends who take melatonin or CBD oil (not available in Australia), I have a friend that uses a light exposure therapy, I use magnesium powder, and then some take hormones or sleeping tablets. Whatever you are doing, if it feels right for you, do it. I don’t know about you, but I already feel way more relaxed, knowing I am not the only going through the endless nights. 

One thing that helps me is a combination of routinely exercising, doing yoga, meditation, and practising GRATITUDE! But sometimes, nothing works, and now I know that’s ok, that’s normal, and I can complain about it. 

What is your secret sleep trick?