PACKAGE VALUE: $450 to $2350


A deep dive into the differance between Motivated Vs Inspired

  • Living your values and doing what you LOVE
  • Becoming unstoppable (when you do what you love nothing gets in the way)


Building a Congruent and Inspired Team

  • Getting the right people
  • Building a tribe with a common vision
  • Turning your rejections into your avenue for success – welcoming the rejections


The art of Turning Self Worth into Net Worth

  • How to be certain, present and loving about what you bring to the world – LOCATING your self worth
  • Becoming an extraordinary leader in your field
  • How to identify the traits you display during actual self-worth moments.


VALUE: $450 to $2350

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Say hello to the next generation of wealth principles!

At Master Mind and Money you’ll learn the simple system to figuring your finances for life. Why? So you no longer have to hit your head up against any financial glass ceiling, or be confused as how to further build your prosperity. Instead, you’ll be breaking through to that next level of wealth, using info grounded in tangible results.

Irrespective of your current financial position, these wealth principles are the essential knowledge everyone needs to truly master their money. Through learning and implementing this system, money management headaches become a long forgotten pain. No more nonsense. No more hassle. We’ve done the work to make money management as simple and straightforward as possible.

Abundance is possible, and it’s time to gain the upper hand with mastering your money.


A Simple System Grounded in Knowledge
This is an opportunity to dive into the knowledge of the wealth principles, learning what it takes to establish financial independence and master those money handling skills at an expert level. No two Master Mind and Money events have ever been the same… Simply because we strive to keep our info cutting edge, whilst utilising the successes of our graduates, passing along this golden knowledge so you can stay a step ahead of the game.


The name of the game in this process is simple and straightforward. No mumbo jumbo and no pretentious language.


You’ll take away a structured system that’s practical, easy to implement, and can be used by individuals of all backgrounds.


Our info is iron strong. Grounded in personal experience, we walk our talk and teach only what works.


We share the fundamental wealth principles, equipping you with the knowledge to flip the science of money firmly in your favour.


Alumni Tribe

This is where it all starts… with cool cats coming together, learning how money actually works, and having a whale of a time doing it. And although this tribe selfie was taken just before we wrapped up the seminar, we actually see this as the beginning… of a beautiful relationship, that is. ‘Cause we’re a tribe at MJB. It ain’t awkward.

(Just think of the awesome Christmas cards these pics will make.)

MJB Seminars

Hands-on lessons and labs

Believe it or not, it’s not all fun & games for the entire 2 days. We also strap ourselves in and get that knowledge LOCKED DOWN. Of course, we do get hands on with some really cool games… but we also have activities to suit everyone’s learning style: we have stories, independent exercises, writing tasks, visual presentations & a space for any personal Q&As that pop up along the way.

Mentorship by default

One of the best things about this seminar – outside the education, of course – is the opportunity to make lifelong pals, to connect with mentors who you can bounce ideas off any time & any place, and to become a part of a community that always has your back because once you choose to make that commitment to us, we’re not letting you go

(*Ahem* Sorry, we went a little Fatal Attraction there.)



Say hello to the next generation
of wealth principles!



We’re always inspired by those who show up and have experienced little or no financial traction, or those simply done with spouts of living paycheck to paycheck. You can be anywhere with your finances and still need a fresh approach, new foundations and a system to make money work for you, rather than you working doggedly for your money.

Those in an UP & DOWN CYCLE

These students alternate between having money left over at the end of their month, and month left over at the end of their money. Sometimes their bank account is in fighting fit, and other times they’d be embarrassed for anyone to see those digits. These are the people who we love to watch when the penny drops (pun intended). It seriously redefines how they view, manage and balance out their self worth with their net worth.


What we love about these guys is that they have a proven record of increasing their net worth, have invested several hundred hours studying wealth principles, and have earned the right to invest in areas they value. They’ve recognised that there’s a direct correlation between educating themselves and how transforming their self worth is intrinsically linked to the growth of their net worth, and are on the lookout for new strategies to leverage the money they have – in order to make even more mula.




I’ve been educating students in wealth development for over 18 years & can’t wait to teach for 18 more! Look forward to catching you there.


Years ago I was teaching kids in a classroom how to add up, now I’m teaching adults how to cash up! That’s pretty cool.


A clear plan of action

Nail down a clear set of next steps that you can put into action straightaway, to get the ball rolling asap. How do we do this? By educating you in elements such as the 7 Common Knowings of the Wealthy, so you can understand how money flows around the world and utilise this logic to your advantage, as well as the Universal Laws to understand how your dreams fit into the bigger picture. More significantly, we take you through the Wealth Principles, showing you each step to implementing a clear structure for your finances. For example, one of the first rules of the wealth principles is to pay yourself first, before anyone or anything else. (Say whaaaaat?)

Insight into your personal money perceptions

Understand how your beliefs around money first formed, and how these ideas have influenced you ever since. How do we do this? By taking you through a questionnaire where you’ll break down how your parents approached money, and the pattern of their money perceptions. Plus we dive into the 7 Fears & Guilts of Being Wealthy, which may be the very thing that allows you to play the money game at a new level.

Self-awareness of how you physically handle money

Realise how you handle money on a day to day basis, and how mastering this simple awareness can help you achieve those higher levels of wealth. How do we do this? Through self-reflection exercises and playing group games, where you’ll take a step back and really consider how you handle your finances.

Stable emotional foundation around money

Learn how to establish clear headedness around your finances, rather than having your actions be driven by stress or uncertainty. How do we do this? By balancing your emotions through filling in your own prepriority Z Form Equilibration worksheet, where you’ll come to understand both the benefits and drawbacks of being financial successful, or being a financial failure, in all areas of life. (But that’s a realisation that’ll make much more sense, when you learn how to do your own Z Form Equilibrations on the day.)

Understanding your motivation for money + the strengths you bring to the table

Pinpoint your #1 reason for wanting to build your wealth in the first place, to ensure your end game is an aspiration that endures. How do we do this? Through exercises where you’ll list the unique qualities you bring to the table, so you know what skills equip you to handle a higher level of wealth. You’ll also clarify how receiving a higher level of wealth will enable you to contribute to humanity + distill your main motivations into a single Statement of Inspiration.


Why is this seminar relevant to me?

There’s never been a better time than now to learn the principles of building wealth. But more to the point, learning the principles to obtaining a greater sense of financial independence, a level of knowledge which transcends any current financial trends. In other words, this education stands the test of time – you’ll build wealth sustainably, in a way that truly matters to you, as not only will it enable you to reach those dreams, it’ll also help you be of service to the world.

Sounds legit. But what practical skills will I have gained, following this seminar?

To put it simply, by the end of MMM you’ll have discovered a new way of thinking and doing, and will walk away with a deeper and more extensive knowing, which includes:

• A new approach to mastering your money, using a robust and proven system that takes emotion out of the equation and progressively grows your wealth
• How your personal money perceptions first formed – and how they may be influencing you to this day
• The newfound knowledge of the universal laws and principles that actually govern money and wealth (huge!)
• How to combine the mindset, the system and the belief so that money no longer acts as a knee-jerk source of stress

Who will I be hanging out with at this seminar?

In a nutshell, you’ll be hanging out with some pretty groovy people. And not only will you make yourself one new circle of friends, you’ll make two! The first is the MJB team, who are already super excited to welcome you into the fold as an MMM graduate. The second is the people sitting right next to you in the seminar! That’s right, the people surrounding you may just become your best pals in wealth creation. You’ll also rub shoulders with mentors, entrepreneurs and potential business buddies as well as mums, dads and pops that just want to get ahead.

Is this seminar for beginners or pros?

Both! The principles we teach have helped countless people who were interested in advancing their finances for life. We’ve made the seminar content flexible and easy to follow, regardless of where you’re at (+ don’t worry about walking into the room only to find us talking mumbo jumbo and using high falutin language. We keep it easy!)

But I’ve been to a bazillion seminars in the past, so what makes this any different?

Firstly, we’re confident that MMM is no ‘run of the mill’, rehashed wealth and personal development seminar. What we reveal is an incredibly powerful strategy that will allow you to build long-term wealth, as well as enabling you to generate a greater understanding of what it takes to achieve financial freedom.

If you’ve attended many financial seminars and workshops over the years, like many of our graduates, they’ve simply found this system bootstraps easily onto other principles they’ve learned. If not, this system supredeedes the others.

What’s included in the fee?

In addition to full access to the two days of the seminar, all attendees receive a workbook packed with the very financial principles which you can follow, dot to dot, to easily and efficiently implement the MMM wealth principles system into your life… It’ll basically become your lifelong, go-to money manual.

Can I bring a friend?

ABSOLUTELY NOT… Nah, just kidding! You can bring as many friends and family members as you like. The more the merrier! Simply amend the number of tickets when registering.

What’s your guarantee?

If you come along to the seminar… learn what it takes to increase your wealth… put the principles in place… and make yourself a shed load of money…

… and still want a refund – then no worries. We’ve gotcha.

What do I get as a Graduate or Alumni of the Seminar? Any goodies or freebies?

After the event you’ll receive a virtual key to an assortment of support resources including access to the Master Mind and Money online portal, alongside other passes and packages to premiere evening workshops, events & more.