Episode 059: Spotlight on Client, Renee Brown

In this week’s episode of Dorothy and the Dealer, Mitch and Mills turn the Spotlight on a much-loved client and longstanding member of the MJB tribe, Renee Brown.

From attending our ‘Relationships and You’ seminar over a decade ago, to her current role as Master Equilibrator at MJB; it’s been an amazing journey so far and we’re beyond excited to share with you Rennee’s story and hear her inspiring thoughts surrounding becoming a mum and parenthood.

Parents you DO NOT want to miss this episode!!

Tune in to discover…

– How a recommendation from her sister started Renee’s journey and put her on the path to becoming an integral part of the MJB tribe.

– How her own personal experiences and struggles trying to conceive her first child, provided her with the amazing lesson of finding the love for herself….with or without children.

– Why we all have preconceived ideas of what parenthood will look like, and how the pressures of being the unattainable “perfect parent” can lead to unnecessary emotions that do not serve us, or our family …

SPOILER ALERT the perfect parent doesn’t exist (and that’s okay).

– The importance of being aware that our own journey is just that, OUR journey, and not that of our children; and why we need to be aware and careful not to transfer our own fears and desires onto our children.

Remember… “Our kids aren’t the easel on which we can paint our perfect lives” Mills

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