Episode 057: Interview with Personal Development Expert, Dan Millman

Welcome back to another episode of Dorothy and the Dealer!

We’ve all been HUGE fans of today’s guest for a very long time, and we are beyond excited to have Personal Development Expert and author of ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ Dan Milman on the show today.

This episode offers an amazing insight into Dan Milman and his work, so tune and get ready to discover:

– The history and background behind some of his great masterpieces including ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ and ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’.

– How you can start to uncover your own life’s purpose on his Peaceful Warrior website (we highly recommend!) – The exciting promise of his new upcoming memoirs, and why he encourages everyone to write their own memoir for the benefit of future generations.

– The awakening of the human mind and consciousness, and why we seek to discover and transcend to a higher level of understanding of the world we live in.

– The importance of flowing WITH life rather than reaching, clinging, grasping, yearning and wishing; and how we can start to achieve a state in which we can attack challenges from a relatively calm place of equanimity and serenity.

– 2 KEY ways we can make our lives simpler. – His predictions on where the future of human development and spirituality are headed.

We know you are going to LOVE this episode and Dan.

His humility, knowledge and wisdom are an absolute pleasure to listen to, and we can not wait for his memoir to be released in the future so that we can learn all about the story behind the story!

Enjoy guys

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