Episode 055: Spotlight on Client, Dennis Hogan

In this week’s episode of Dorothy and the Dealer, Mitch and Mills sit down with super welterweight pro boxer and much-loved MJB client Dennis Hogan.

You may have to listen carefully, as you are about to hear exactly what happens when two Irishmen are having a conversation… we apologise now if you can’t understand a thing they say If you are struggling, feel free to slow the speed down on your device.

When Dennis discovered the Law of Attraction fairly early on in his career, he quickly knew there was definitely something in the notion that you could internally influence your external reality. But like many people who rely on manifestation and the Law of Attraction alone, Dennis continued to rise to the top, only to be faced with the exact same circumstances, setbacks and challenges that were stopping him from finally realising his vision.

Knowing that something must be going on on a subconscious level, it was divine timing that Dennis was tagged by a friend in our video “Bridging the Gap” online. From there Dennis’s journey with MJB began and after completing a number of our seminars Dennis has continued to work with Mitch as a personal client, and it has been a privilege for us to work with Dennis in his quest for the World Title.

Tune in to this episode for a fantastic insight into this incredible sportsman’s journey and discover….

Why it is so important to learn to handle your mindset, money and life itself. How shifting his innermost dominating thought allowed Dennis to achieve a calmer mindset, free from the anxiety and self-sabotaging stories he had been telling himself for far too long.

Discover how our Master Mind and Money seminar enabled him to take control of his wealth, pay off his debts and propel him to the financial position he is in today.

Find out what it takes to be a champion and the importance of overcoming adversity and changing your mindset around perceived ‘losses’ and ‘failures’.

The importance of being crystal clear and aligned with your Top 3 Values.

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