Episode 054: Stop Believing You’re an Imposter

It’s time for another episode of Dorothy and the Dealer!


How often do you catch yourself feeling like you are not being your true or authentic self? This is a topic we get asked about A LOT, so we thought we would take this episode to sit down and get to the bottom of “Imposter Syndrome’! 

Tune in to find out…

What makes people feel like they are imposters or frauds in the first place.

Why it’s so important to be honest and open about where you’ve come from… warts and all!

The importance of truly embracing, owning and loving EVERY part of your journey so far!

How, when you stand into who you really are and stop labelling yourself an imposter, you simultaneously help others to do the same. #werisetogether “When you don’t show a part of yourself to the world, you show a part of yourself that you are not”. Mitch

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