Episode 052: The V Word

Welcome back to another EXTREMELY thought-provoking episode of Dorothy and the Dealer.

Before we get started the most important thing to note is that although this podcast is about vaccinations, what it’s really about is the importance of education, freedom and choice.

We are certainly not here to tell you that you should or should not vaccinate, but we feel it’s important not back away from this discussion; and for us all to open our eyes and think about the wider implications of human rights, content censorship and the need for informed personal choice.

So sit back, relax and tune in with an open mind to listen to Mitch and Mills discussing…..

The importance of educating ourselves and making informed conscious choices surrounding vaccines.

Why we need to fight for the basic human right to not only make our own choices, but also the right to be allowed to hear opinions and read information on both sides of the debate.

The necessity for more open discussions surrounding vaccines and why we MUST enter these discussions from a place of love and not from a deluded lopsided place of righteousness.

Why the censorship of information by mainstream and social media should really be ringing some alarm bells.

…..Conspiracy theories, mandatory vaccinations, human ID Tagging, behaviour point-scoring, media misdirection ….. get ready guys because this is about to get pretty deep!

At the end of the day, we should all be allowed to ask questions without being labelled as ‘Tin Foil Hat’ wearing conspiracy theorists, and we should certainly not be bullied or frightened to ask questions surrounding vaccinations or any other topic come to that!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode ….and remember we really are all on the same side and that’s the one that only wants what’s best for both ourselves and our children.

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