Episode 047: Spotlight on Client, Sasha

Who’s ready to be inspired?

In this week’s episode of Dorothy and the Dealer, Mitch and Mills sit down with one of our all-time heroes and MJB client Sasha Mccaughan.

Introduced to us by her Mum when she was just 17 years old, Sasha’s transformation has been as dramatic as it has been inspiring!

This really is an episode every parent should hear.

Confronted with a long list of mental health diagnoses by her early teens, Sasha’s battle with social phobia, ADHD, Bi-Polar, debilitating anxiety and a verbal stutter eventually resulted in a prescribed concoction of over 20 pills to get her through each day.

Tune in to listen to Sasha’s incredible journey with MJB, and find out how she successfully managed to come off all of her medications and learn a completely different way of living and being.

From physically unable to make a phone call to podcast guest extraordinaire … this amazing young lady has come so far and we are beyond grateful that because of her fantastic mindset and outstanding determination she is able to share her story with you today! Don’t forget to tune in every Sunday for a new episode!

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