Episode 045: Interview with Trolling Expert, Ginger Gorman

After years of staying silent, Mitch finally breaks his silence in this exclusive interview with award winning journalist and trolling expert Ginger Gorman.

Hey guys and welcome back to this week’s episode of Dorothy and the Dealer!  (Yes we are now weekly!)

What are social media trolls?

▶️Trolls are people whose goal is to deliberately provoke others online by writing offensive, inflammatory or malicious comments.

▶️Trolling can range from a bit of fun to something far more sinister something both Mitch and Mills and our podcast guest today Ginger Gorman are all too familiar with.

▶️Ginger Gorman is an award-winning social-justice journalist and Author of the hugely insightful book “Troll Hunting”.

▶️Having been subject to her own severe ‘predator trolling’ in 2013, Ginger’s die hard journalistic hunger coupled with an outcry from people experiencing the same life shattering trolling, gave her all the inspiration she needed to decide that crucial voices were being silenced and that someone needed to step up and be their voice.

Tune in for…

▶️ Mitch and Millsy’s own experience with Predatory Trolls at MJB.

▶️ A window into the mindset of trolls.

▶️ Why “Don’t read the comments” is actually bad advice and unlikely to stop you looking anyway!

▶️ The huge economic impact trolling is having on Australia.

▶️ How to respond and enforce new social norms on social media when you or someone you know is being targeted.

This is a great episode guys, we hope you enjoy!

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Ginger Gorman