Episode 044: If Life is Perfect, Then WHY?

This podcast explains exactly what MJB Seminars has spent the last two decades teaching and how they are helping to transform lives.
▶In this episode Mitch and Mills delve deep into our “stories” and explain how everything in our lives is perfectly designed to help us create the life we want.

▶ Get ready to go down the rabbit hole and learn how people can become ‘significance driven’ after certain events happen in their lives.

▶Discover how these events in reality offer us an opportunity to either make them the foundation on which to build our excuses, or use as a stepping stone to help us live our best life.

▶So…..if everything in life is perfect, and everything happens for a reason then why is it still not ok for us to do whatever we please?

▶If another person will grow from your mistreatment or at worst crime then what stops us from partaking in these activities in the first place?

So many questions….tune in below for answers!

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