Turning Everyday People Into Property Developers

Block or Brick was created to service MJB Clients with direct property development.
Block or Brick’s aim is to turn their clients into property developers with minimal input from the investor, The clients receive a good return in a short period of time with a low risk strategy.

Matt Guscott has been completing property development projects for himself and his clients and it’s something he’s inspired about, he simply loves all property. Matt has a mixed background in construction, residential property sales and land subdivision, he is a fully licensed Real Estate Sales Representative. Matt has aligned himself and the team at Block or Brick with industry professionals and has a close network which he leverages from. “we take care of the entire process from sourcing projects, completing feasibilities, securing development projects, project management of the projects and physical work on site through to sale and realization, we offer a strong return on investment in a short period of time, we have different strategies including low-risk land subdivision”.

Our goal is to provide our clients with an easy investment option whereby they can enter into property development either completing this on there own or as a Joint Venture, with the project being fully managed by Block or Brick.

We Educate our clients along the journey with real-time training as modules are unlocked inline with their own development project. We cover Education on the Overall Development with greater detail on Buying, Selling and Subdivision.

What are the Benefits of working with the Block or Brick Property Program?

Here are some points of value we think will be important to you;

Part of the MJB Family, so we are aligned with their principles and have your back.
No ongoing Interest cost to you, we allow for 1 years worth of development “Holding Costs” in your feasibility.
We run the whole development, from Finance, Feasibility, Subdivision and Sale, so you can focus on what’s important.
We educate you with Full Access to the Block or Brick Online Education Portal, so you can learn as much or as little as you want.
Different Strategies to suit each developer, Starting with low-risk Land Subdivision.
Solo or Joint Venture Projects
Access to our industry professionals
Our Project Completion Fee is directly related to your Return on Investment.